Anxiety is a mental and physical response to stress that in itself is normal in the right circumstances.

The fight/flight/freeze response, from an evolutionary point of view, is one of the reasons why we are here at all.

However, problems arise when our anxiety response begins to feel out of control. Our anxiety response is out of proportion to the actual risks we face in our lives.

Or we find our chests and stomachs tightening up in response to dangers that are purely imagined. Perhaps we find ourselves feeling permanently anxious. We might be experiencing panic attacks, which can be very frightening.

We struggle to get to sleep or we wake in the night and stare at the ceiling, consumed with worry. Or we wake every day with a sense of dread, fearful that the worst is going to happen.

Prolonged, our anxiety can feel like it saps our energy, giving us a knot in the stomach that feels like it will never leave.

Hypnotherapy can help.

I know that from my own experience.

It was the successful treatment of my own chronic anxiety that led me to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I had been struggling with my chronic anxiety for 40 years before I was hypnotised for the first time.

I was astounded by the incredible change in my experience of life that was achieved through that successful treatment.

In fact, it was so successful that I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and help others to reduce their symptoms of anxiety through the wonderful practice of hypnotherapy.

Having overcome my own chronic anxiety, I am excited to help others.

As you can imagine, I’m particularly passionate about helping people to overcome anxiety.

If I could help you, get in touch.

Anxious person holding head