Weight Management

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Have you ever tried to lose weight and struggled?

Have you lost weight on diet plans and then put it all back on?

I think that often this is because so many of our habits regarding food and exercise are in the subconscious. We try to make changes using a brute force approach of restriction and self-denial. What often happens is that we then subconsciously react against that denial.

We’ve often also picked up eating habits that have nothing to do with being hungry and those habits are largely subconscious.  If we leave out the subconscious from our weight management plan, we leave out a massive piece of the puzzle.

For example, do you ever find yourself eating when you’re

  • Bored?
  • Sad?
  • Restless?
  • Anxious?
  • Stressed?

Hypnotherapy can help us change our habits and successfully lose weight.  At the whole mind, in addition to offering the Virtual Gastric Band, we also create custom programmes specifically for our individual clients.

If you want to take advantage of either of these approaches and kickstart your weight loss, please get in touch.

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